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Atlanta City Council’s Finance/Executive Committee Moves Forward with Legislation Creating Inspector General

Post Date:01/17/2020 12:52 PM

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January 17, 2020 

Atlanta City Council’s Finance/Executive Committee Moves Forward with Legislation Creating Inspector General 

ATLANTA — The Council’s Finance/Executive Committee voted to move forward on Friday with an ordinance to amend the City’s charter to create the Office of Inspector General (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1729). The legislation establishes the roles and responsibilities of the office, creates a structure of governance, and requires the provision of funds necessary for facilities, equipment and staffing. The legislation, introduced by Council member Jennifer Ide and co-sponsored by Council members Howard Shook and Marci Collier Overstreet, also gives the office subpoena power. The ordinance was approved on a 3-0 vote with three abstentions.

Following approval by the Finance/Executive Committee, the legislation will be considered by the Council’s Committee on Council Tuesday, Jan. 21. If approved by the Committee on Council, the legislation will move on to consideration during the full Council meeting Tuesday. As a charter amendment, the ordinance requires three reads and two adoptions by Council. Tuesday’s vote by the full Council would be the second read and first adoption of the legislation.

The sponsors of the legislation issued the following statements following Friday’s approval:

“This is the most comprehensive, sweeping piece of government reform legislation for our city and it's incredibly valuable. We want to get it right and get committee members involved with a chance to review the legislation while still maintaining our deadline for final passage. It was important to deal with this issue independently and give Council members enough time to fully read and assess. With this legislation, we are providing an enforcement mechanism to ensure that all levels of city government, elected officials and everyone that does business with the city are held to the highest standards. It also ensures there will be consequences under the law to those who do not meet those standards.” – Council member Ide


“The legislation we approved is a historic step forward in providing governance within our city government. We are creating the position of the inspector general, which will give the office investigatory powers and the ability to root out waste, fraud and corruption. This is a complex piece of legislation that we are weaving into our charter, and pursuant to state law, it takes a longer period since we are amending the charter. We appreciate Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and her team for their collaboration.” – Council member Shook


"We take this legislation and the process of creating the Office of the Inspector General very seriously. This legislation is a benchmark in improving the credibility and integrity of the City of Atlanta, its elected officials and business associates. It is essential to developing and maintaining the trust of the people. The inspector general’s role is critical in cultivating transparency and accountability throughout our city government. Furthermore, it is vital that we analyze this very closely to make sure we do our best to eliminate any level of corruption, waste and fraud within our city government.” – Council member Overstreet

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