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Atlanta City Council Approves Legislation Requesting Study to Evaluate Reducing Speed Limits

Post Date:09/16/2019 5:28 PM

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September 16, 2019 

Atlanta City Council Approves Legislation Requesting Study to Evaluate Reducing Speed Limits 

ATLANTA — The Atlanta City Council approved legislation Monday requesting the Department of City Planning to conduct a study to evaluate reducing speed limits within the city of Atlanta. The proposal, introduced by Post 3 At-Large Council member Andre Dickens, aims to improve safety and quality of life for all residents, including people who drive, bike, walk, ride public transit, and use wheelchairs or other wheeled devices (Legislative Reference No. 19-R-4564).

The Council also approved legislation requiring real-time closed captioning at every meeting of the Council and standing committees starting in 2020 (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1385) and legislation requiring notices be posted to make clear how individuals with disabilities can request specific accommodations to participate in Council meetings (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1386).

Council member Michael Julian Bond, who introduced both pieces of legislation, said, “Anytime we can make our meetings more accessible, that’s a positive step forward for the City. I applaud my colleagues for passing this legislation and making sure as many people as possible can effectively participate in everything we do at City Hall.”

Council member Jennifer Ide, who chairs the Committee on Council, said, “We need to do all we can to make sure our meetings are as open and accessible as possible. The legislation moved forward today improves access and helps to remove some of the barriers that exist in allowing people to participate in our meetings. This is a fantastic move forward in creating greater government accessibility and openness.”

Additionally, the Council approved two pieces of legislation donating a total of $4,000 to the reward being offered by Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta to find the suspects from the Aug. 20 shooting at Atlanta University Center. One item authorizes a $3,000 donation from the District 4 (Council member Cleta Winslow’s) carry forward account (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1506), while the other authorizes a $1,000 donation from the District 2 (Amir Farokhi’s) carry forward account. (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1507).

The Council also immediately approved a resolution requesting the Georgia Department of Transportation install crosswalks along Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway. Earlier this month, Jermaine Wallace Jr., 14, was killed while crossing the parkway.

Other items approved by the Council include:

• An ordinance to accept $10,000 in grants from the PeopleForBikes Community Block Grants Program to fund the Jackson Street Bridge Placemaking Project (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1495). The project is aimed at turning underutilized streets into more vibrant, active and safe public places.

• An ordinance to accept a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Youth Program Grant totaling $1.284 million from the Technical College System of Georgia Office of Workforce Development (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1514). The funding aids the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency in serving low-income Atlanta youth who need help with employment, training opportunities, registered apprenticeships, subsidized internships and on-the-job training.

• A resolution requesting the Atlanta Board of Education and Fulton County Board of Commissioners jointly propose a tax relief program for long-time senior property owners. The program aims to protect senior home ownership and address rising residential property taxes of homeowners in the city of Atlanta. (Legislative Reference No. 19-R-3088).

• An ordinance requiring annual active shooter training to all city of Atlanta elected officials and employees (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1510).

• An ordinance authorizing the City to enter into an agreement and accept $400,000 in grants from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to design and construct green infrastructure projects in the Utoy Creek watershed to address water quality concerns in the area (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1494).

• A resolution requesting the city of Freeport, Bahamas be added to Atlanta’s Sister City Program.

Also at Monday’s meeting, The Salvation Army Commissioner David Hudson presented the Council with the organization’s Others Award, which honors an individual or organization exemplifying an extraordinary spirt of service to others.

The Council also welcomed Consul General Astra Ambrister-Rolle, Xernona Clayton, and the Rev. Dr. Timothy Stewart from the Bahamas as special guests.

Members of the Council also presented proclamations in recognition of Deborah Richardson and Making the Transition Youth Life Enrichment Week.

About Atlanta City Council

The Atlanta City Council is the chief policy-making body for the City of Atlanta. It acts by considering and enacting all laws that govern the City. The council also approves the operating and capital budgets for the City as recommended by the mayor, and it continually monitors revenues and expenditures for local government operations. The Atlanta City Council reviews and has final say on many land-use and zoning matters. Major economic development projects for the City also fall under the council’s consideration.

The Atlanta City Council is comprised of 12 districts and three at-large posts. Council representatives include: Council President: Felicia A. Moore; District 1: Carla Smith; District 2: Amir Farokhi; District 3: Antonio Brown; District 4: Cleta Winslow; District 5: Natalyn Mosby Archibong; District 6: Jennifer N. Ide; District 7: Howard Shook; District 8: J.P. Matzigkeit; District 9: Dustin Hillis; District 10: Andrea L. Boone; District 11: Marci Collier Overstreet; District 12: Joyce M. Sheperd; Post 1 At-Large: Michael Julian Bond; Post 2 At-Large: Matt Westmoreland; and Post 3 At-Large: Andre Dickens.

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