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Council Hears Public Comment from Red Light the Gulch Supporters, Gives Proclamation to Louis Gossett, Jr.

Post Date:10/02/2018 1:38 PM


Council Hears Public Comment from Red Light the Gulch Supporters, Gives Proclamation to Louis Gossett, Jr.

ATLANTA—The Atlanta City Council met Monday afternoon for the first Full Council meeting in October. The Council honored two people with proclamations: Academy Award-winning actor Louis Gossett, Jr. was acknowledged for his contributions to the film and TV industry; Ms. Carolyn Nelms was thanked for 30 years of service to the City of Atlanta.

During public comment, the Council heard from several concerned citizens who supported a third-party audit of the Gulch and residents calling for improvements to public safety.

When the legislative body discussed a resolution calling for an independent third-party audit of the Gulch project (Legislative Reference No. 18-R-4209), the motion failed due to the lack of a majority vote - 6 yeas to 5 nays. Council members Matt Westmoreland, Amir Farokhi, Jennifer Ide, J.P. Matzigkeit, Natalyn Archibong and Dustin Hillis voted in favor of the resolution. Council members Andrea Boone, Marci Collier Overstreet, Cleta Winslow, Carla Smith and Joyce Sheperd voted against it. 

“In our city charter the mayor has the authority over negotiations and that has always been in our charter,” said City Councilmember Cleta Winslow. “The westside of Atlanta has historically been neglected by development. This is a major quality development project that has also been thoroughly reviewed and to slow it down with a request for other review simply tells the developer ‘hey we don’t want you.’ Go somewhere else.

“The CIM group will be initially putting up their own money by financing at least $400 million dollars for this development,” said Winslow. “The development has pledged $28 million dollars for affordable housing and $12 million dollars economic development that can be used in all 12 City Council districts. Mayor Bottoms has already had an independent financial analysis conducted to ensure that this was a good, sound investment for the City of Atlanta. These financial consultants have a history of scrutinizing development projects throughout the United States. Consultants conducted a financial analysis prior to the development of Atlantic Station, one of the largest development projects in the city.”

Council Member J.P. Matzigkeit said he thought an independent review was in the best interest of the public.

“I think we are asked to do a job by the citizens of Atlanta and we take that job very seriously to do due diligence here,” stated Matzigkeit. “We need some more time to catch up and I think it is prudent to have a second opinion and another set of eyes on this.”

Other legislative items the council voted on:

  • The council approved an ordinance by Council members Carla Smith, Joyce M. Sheperd, Andrea L. Boone, Matt Westmoreland, Ivory L. Young, Jr. Michael Julian Bond, Cleta Winslow, Amir R. Farokhi, J.P. Matzigkeit, Dustin Hillis, Andre Dickens, Jennifer N. Ide, Natalyn M. Archibong, and Marci Collier Overstreet to rename Confederate Avenue to United Avenue (Legislative Reference No.18-O-1463). The legislation will also rename Confederate Court to Trestletree Court.
  • The council approved an ordinance to amend the city code to add microbrewery and microdistillery as a permitted use in the mixed residential commercial zoning district (Legislative Reference No. 18-O-1303).
  • The council approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to accept a donation on behalf of the city of Atlanta from Legacy LIII Foundation Inc. and the National Football League Foundation to improve John F. Kennedy Park.  (Legislative Reference No. 18-R-4199).
  • The council approved several ordinances authorizing the mayor to accept grants totaling more than $1.8 million on behalf of the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (Legislative Reference Nos. 18-O-1547, 18-O-1548, 18-O-1549).
  • The council approved a resolution by Council members Howard Shook and J.P. Matzigkeit requesting the Fulton County Superior Court and Fulton County Magistrate Court install cameras in all courtrooms to voluntarily live stream select court proceedings (Legislative Reference No. 18-R-4153).
  • The council approved a resolution by Council Member Joyce M. Sheperd authorizing the mayor to accept a $34,000 donation from the Anne E. Casey Foundation for the installation and maintenance of four sculptures in Pittman Park (Legislative Reference No. 18-R-4155).

Atlanta City Council
The Atlanta City Council is the chief policy-making body for the City of Atlanta: it acts by considering and enacting all laws that govern the City. The council also approves the operating and capital budgets for the City as recommended by the mayor, and it continually monitors revenues and expenditures for local government operations. The Atlanta City Council reviews and has final say on many land-use and zoning matters. Major economic development projects for the City also fall under the council’s consideration.

The Atlanta City Council is comprised of 12 districts and three at-large posts:

Council President: Felicia A. Moore

District 1: Carla Smith

District 6: Jennifer N. Ide

District 11: Marci Collier Overstreet

District 2: Amir Farokhi

District 7: Howard Shook

District 12: Joyce M. Sheperd

District 3: Ivory Lee Young

District 8: J.P. Matzigkeit

Post 1 At-Large: Michael Julian Bond

District 4: Cleta Winslow

District 9: Dustin Hillis

Post 2 At-Large: Matt Westmoreland

District 5: Natalyn Mosby Archibong

District 10: Andrea L. Boone

Post 3 At-Large: Andre Dickens

Council information, committee agendas and more may be found on the Atlanta City Council website here. Video archives of the council’s regularly scheduled meetings, committee meetings and work sessions may be found here.




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