The City Utilities Committee is responsible for the Departments of Watershed Management and Public Works (liquid waste and solid waste). This committee continues to make major policy decisions on wastewater and drinking water as a result of the Consent Decree and First Amended Consent Decree entered into 1998 and 1999, respectively, and storm water runoff. The committee also handles routine legislation such as abandoning and renaming of streets, water bill adjustments, sewer construction and connections, rights-of-way acquisitions, tie-back support systems, encroachment agreements, railroad crossing agreements, franchise agreements, street resurfacing and paving, sidewalk/curb construction and repair and other departmental needs. The committee also makes recommendations on the nominees to be the Commissioner of the Departments of Public Works and Watershed Management, as well as to the city’s representative on the board of People TV, Keep Atlanta Beautiful and on the Water and Sewer

City Utilities Committee Briefing

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