Thursday, November 15, 2012

C  I  T  Y    O  F    A  T  L  A  N  T  A

ATLANTA CITY COUNCIL APPROVES RESOLUTION URGING Hellenic Republic to reconsider its recent decision to close the Atlanta consulate

ATLANTA – The Atlanta City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Monday expressing its disappointment in the recently announced decision by the nation of Greece to close its consulate in Atlanta.

The Council through the resolution urged the Hellenic Republic to reconsider its recent decision to close the Atlanta consulate.

The measure was sponsored by City Council Member Kwanza Hall, who chairs the Atlanta Committee on International Relations (ACIR).The ACIR, which meets monthly, works to connect Atlanta’s international community with elected officials, civic leaders, and the business community.

“For more than 30 years, the Hellenic Republic has maintained a consular presence in the City of Atlanta, staffed by career members of the Greek diplomatic corps,” said Hall.  “During that time, the Greek Consulate has been a strong advocate for the tens of thousands of Greeks and Americans of Greek descent in Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee. By passing this resolution today, my colleagues and I hope that the Greek government will reconsider its decision.”

The City of Atlanta enjoys a strong Sister City relationship with Olympia, Greece, a relationship that it holds dear as the host city for the Centennial Olympics in 1996.

Recently the Hellenic Republic announced plans to consolidate its consular presence in the United States. As part of that consolidation plan, it announced the closure of its consulate in Atlanta, with the existing consulate in Tampa taking on greater responsibilities across the southeastern United States.