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  • President of Council  
    The President of Council, Felecia A. Moore presides at City Council meetings, appoints members and chairpersons of Council committees, signs all ordinance, resolutions, subpoenas, and other documents issued by order of the Council of the City of Atlanta. It is the President's responsibility to assure the expeditious discharge of public responsibilities and obligations imposed upon the Council by law.

  • Contact your City Council Member (this link includes email addresses)  
    Carla Smith District 1,  Amir R. Farokhi District 2,  Ivory Lee Young District 3, Cleta Winslow District  4, Natalyn M. Archibong District 5, Jennifer N. Ide District 6, Howard Shook District 7, J.P. Matzigkeit District 8, Dustin Hillis District 9, Andrea L. Boone District 10, Marci Cillier Overstreet District 11, Joyce Sheperd  District 12, Michael Julian Bond Post 1 at Large, Matt Westmoreland Post 2 at Large, and Andre Dickens Post 3 at Large.
    The City Council serves as the legislative branch of city government. It is comprised of sixteen (16) members and presided over by the President of the Council. The Council adopts ordinances to establish city policy, law, and resolutions to express legislative intent.
  • Office of the Municipal Clerk - Foris Webb, III  - Municipal Clerk
    The Office of Municipal Clerk authenticates and records official acts of the City and maintains all legislative records, thus preserving its rich history. It functions as an information center that serves the public-at-large locally, nationally and internationally.