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  • Welcome to Atlanta

    Moore President Message Welcome to the City of Atlanta – where progress is a priority. If you’ve taken a drive throughout this beautiful city, you’ve witnessed this ongoing advancement which seems to be evident in many of our communities. Like you, I’m awestruck by the massive growth of our city’s population, the iconic historical landmarks and the burgeoning new residential and commercial construction. That growth is one of many objectives of the Atlanta City Council.

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  • Rate structures

    Solid Waste Current vs Future Rates The Atlanta City Council is considering legislation necessary to adjust the current recycling and solid waste rate structures to implement best practices and meet the future demands of the City’s service area. The current solid waste rate structure does not adequately cover the actual cost to the city of providing solid waste services, including, but not limited to, bulk pick-up, right-of way cleaning, street sweeping, dead animal pickup, etc.

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  • Gulch Legislation

    Gulch The Atlanta City Council is considering legislation related to redevelopment of the Gulch, a large parcel of land located at ground level near Mercedes-Benz Stadium that has sat purposelessly for 50 years in what many consider some of the city’s most prime real estate.

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