I am eager to work with you to develop solutions to the issues we face.  At community meetings and meet-and-greets in our neighbors’ homes, what has emerged clearly is how much we are in agreement.  I’ve had the opportunity to hear where you stand on the issues facing Atlanta and listened to your positive solutions. Now, I am using your concerns and solutions as my to-do list.  The issues that I am currently working on include:

Financial stability and long-term planning:

I understand that the current economic environment presents difficult choices as we strive to balance the budget and provide critical services to citizens.  To protect you from a future of ever-rising property taxes, I am working to pursue alternate sources of revenue and looking for opportunities to create efficiencies in government.  

Public safety:

Crime diminishes quality of life for all Atlantans as well as visitors traveling here for conventions, tourism and business.  While the city has decreased violent crime, property crimes are up, and many neighborhoods and businesses are spending exorbitant amounts on private security.  Our Public Safety Committee is working with Chief Shields to better align resources to serve each zone.

Traffic, greenspace, and water:

As an advocate for maintaining and expanding the greenspace, parks and trees in Atlanta’s communities, I am interested in pursuing opportunities to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods by adding sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and improving intersections throughout the District. 

I am serving the city around the clock and using my energy, my training, and my understanding of District 8 to effectively represent you.  

Please feel free to phone me at 404-330-6051.  I along with my staff, Katie Howard and Emily Lauter, are open to your concerns and welcome any suggestions.  My email is yadrean@atlantaga.gov.  Thank you.

Best regards,
Yolanda Adrean


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