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Atlanta City Council Reduces Penalties for False Burglar Alarm Activations and Fines for Failure to Register Burglar Alarm Systems

Post Date:10/02/2017 6:12 PM

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October 2, 2017

Atlanta City Council Reduces Penalties for False Burglar Alarm Activations and Fines for Failure to Register Burglar Alarm Systems

ATLANTA – The Atlanta City Council approved an ordinance Monday reducing false burglar alarm fines and cutting the fines for failure to register burglar alarm systems with the city.

The legislation was sponsored by District 8 City Councilmember Yolanda Adrean. (Legislative Reference No. 17-O-1581)

“This legislation lessens the burden on homeowners and business owners when an alarm system goes off accidently while providing for increased education to our residents,” Adrean said. “We should not excessively penalize our residents when too often a burglar alarm can go off due to improper arming and disarming of the system, power outages and weak batteries, severe storms, wandering pets, and unsecured doors and windows.”

In accordance with the city’s false alarm ordinance, residents must register their alarm systems. While there is no fee imposed for either the initial issuance or the first renewal of an alarm registration, there was a penalty for failure thereafter to renew the registration of an alarm system.  Previously the fines had been $100 for the failure to renew registration and it has been reduced to $50.  Under the old ordinance, fines for instances of false alarms incrementally increased for the second through fifth false alarms.  Under the new ordinance there are no charges for the first and second offenses and for additional offenses the fines have been cut in half.

“The goal of registering alarm systems is to reduce the use of 911 services for false alarms and allow the police to focus on the safety of our residents.  The use of a registration program has been effective in achieving this goal, but changes were needed to make sure it’s a program that encourages registration and participation,” said Adrean. “I’m looking forward to seeing this program used as it should be, to reduce false alarms while not unnecessarily penalizing our residents who are trying to protect their homes and property.”

Furthermore, Councilmember Adrean requested that CryWolf Solutions, which manages the City’s false alarm ordinance requirements, make improvements to the overall system used for the Atlanta program, including the development of improvements to the mail and email flow to each alarm user; engaging the alarm monitoring companies operating in the City to encourage them to register each of their clients whether in a new or renewal status; updating its Atlanta website to the newest version and most customer-friendly version available; and improving the top line communication that the alarm users can see on the CryWolf Atlanta website.


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